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(IAL buy cheap spironolactone ARTICLES. 3 generic aldactone 1 NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL INCORPORATIXG THE Philadelphia Medical Journal and The Medical News. A Weekly Review of Medicine. well as his suggestion of the very considerable pow- ers to be conferred upon it. We think the address of President Murphy will cause wide and interest- ing- discussion. Edited by FRANK P. FOSTER, M. D. Address all business communications to A. R. ELLIOTT PUBLISHING COMPANY, Publishers. 66 West Broadivay, New York. Cable Address : Medjour, New York. Subscription Price: Under Domestic Postage Rates, $5; under Foreign Postage Rates. $7; single copies, fifteen cents. Remittances should tie made by New York Exchange or post office or express money order, payable to the A. R. Elliott Publish- ing Co., or by registered mail, as the publishers are not responsible ■for money sent by unregistered mail. Entered at the Post Office at New York and admitted for trans- portation through the mail as second-class matter. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JULY 1, igii. THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION MEETING. The sixty-second annual meeting of the Ameri- can Medical Association, of which we purchase aldactone online present a aldactone 25 mg lengthy report in this issue of the Journal, seems to have been an unusually successful one. The ad- • dress of the president elect, Dr. John B. Murphy, will be read with interest order aldactone online not only by members of the medical profession, but aldactone 50 mg by the public at large, which is intimately concerned with the conclusions and announcements of the distinguished surgeon. The president elect scored unmercifully the unethi- cal members of the association, those guilty of fee splitting, covert advertising, and the paying of buy spironolactone com- missions, while paying his respects to popular ig- norance and indifference and the interested and ac- tually criminal opposition to the profession of cer- tain organizations and individuals. An interesting proposal on the part of Dr. Murphy was to endorse the rule in certain States whereby a candidate for membership in the association may, if rejected by his own county society, obtain admission buy aldactone online through the society of an adjoining county. It seems to us that such a rule is very susceptible of abuse ; if a man is aldactone mg persona aldactone buy nan grata to his immediate profes- sional friends, aldactone order a most searching inquiry should be instituted into the circumstances of his rejection be- fore he is hastily hoisted into the association by sympathizing but ill informed neighbors. There might here be work aldactone cost for the new sort of Judicial Council of which Dr. Murphy spoke. His proposal, however, that the head of this new council should • be a salaried aldactone price official needs grave consideration, as "INFAMOUS" PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT. As noted in the British Medical Journal for June 3d, and in our letter from London in this issue of the Journal, three practitioners of medicine, who had associated themselves cheap aldactone with a nonprofessional instructor in physical culture in the conduct of a "curative institute." were accused by the British Medical Association of "infamous conduct, in a professional respect." The institute, it was said, systematically advertised for the purpose of pro- curing patients who were to receive, either by corre- spondence or by attendance at the institute, treat- ment for disease under the personal direction of one who was not a registered medical practitioner. The name of one of the physicians accused was erased from the medical register and the other prac- titioners were given a chance to withdraw their connection with the institute. Probably only phy- sicians can realize the justice of the action of the British authorities. These men were seeing twenty patients a day obtained by the most flagrant news- paper advertising and they would not have been human to refrain from offering to treat, for a con- aldactone online sideration, aldactone tablets any lesion or disease disclosed by the physical examination: furthermore, they were fur- thering the treatment of the physically unfit by a notoriously unqualified gymnast, conduct entirely unworthy of men who had taken the Hippocratic oath. We hear complaints from purchase aldactone our confreres in America of lack of respect for the profession on the part of the public, of accusations brought against it of jealousy of various forms of quackery, and we see legislatures permitting buy spironolactone online what is actually the prac- tice of medicine to all sorts of self deceived or blat- ant ignoramuses, and for these and similar abuses we have only ourselves to thank. We have held aloof from legislation, we who were alone qualified to pass judgment on proper or improper laws ; buy cheap aldactone in a

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